Wet2Straight™ Straightener

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Treat your hair to some therapy

Get quick results that are 86% faster* with the Wet2Straight™ Straightener - designed for use on towel dried hair so there is no need to blow dry! See the excess water vaporise into steam, escaping through vent holes – this steam hydration therapy is kind to hair, and gives quick and longer lasting, super straight results*.

Tested by an independent consumer panel vs. their current dryer and straightener, consumers agreed:*

  • 86% agreed that using Wet2Straight™ was quicker than blow–drying and then straightening
  • 80% agreed that it kept their hair frizz free for up to 8 hours
  • 85% agreed that Wet2Straight™ left their hair straighter and smoother for longer
  • 82% consumers preferred Wet2Straight™ to their current straighteners and would recommend it to a friend

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*Blind panel test of 60 consumers in 2009 vs. their current dryer & straightener. Respondents agreed.

  • How does Wet2Straight™ work?

    How does Wet2Straight™ work?

    Unlike conventional straighteners Wet2Straight™ is designed for use on towel dried hair, therefore no need to blow dry! As the excess water vaporises into steam, it escapes through specifically designed vent holes creating a “Sssssssss” sound. We call this the steam hydration therapy, which locks in the right amount of moisture for quicker, kinder and longer lasting results.
  • The Wet2Straight™ Coating

    The Wet2Straight™ Coating

    Ceramic plates infused with heat-activated Micro Conditioners which are evenly emitted on to the hair to create smooth hair all day long.
  • 86% faster*
  • Advanced Ceramic plates infused with frizz resist Micro Conditioners
  • For wet and dry use
  • Digital temperature display, 10 settings 140°C - 230°C
  • Ready in 15 seconds – beeps when ready
  • Longer length 110mm plates
  • Floating plate for even pressure on the hair during styling
  • Auto shut off after 60 minutes
  • Turbo boost function
  • Temperature lock function
  • Heat resistant pouch
  • Worldwide voltage
  • Swivel cord
  • 5 Years Guarantee
  • 230°C
  • Ceramic
  • Worldwide Voltage
  • XL Plates
  • 86% Faster
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